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New Client

Returning Client

Priceless Pet Sitting will provide service only upon a mutually agreeable outcome of a "get acquainted" interview, during which the client has the opportunity to learn more about Priceless Pet Sitting's services and qualifications, while Priceless Pet Sitting has the opportunity to learn more about the clients pets and home.  During the interview, Priceless Pet Sitting will document all details of your routine and obtain 2 copies of the clients house keys. 
Priceless Pet Sitting cares only for legally domesticated animals residing in the municipality in which the client resides.
All dogs and cats under the care of Priceless Pet Sitting must be up to date on their rabies vaccine.
Priceless Pet Sitting does not care for animals with a history of aggression or biting.
Dogs under the care of Priceless Pet Sitting must be properly licensed through local Animal Control within the county you reside.
Collars must be of an appropriate size for the dog, in good condition, with tags attached.
Priceless Pet Sitting strongly recommends that cats have safety collars and legible ID tags and that they remain indoors at all times.
For their safety, birds under the care of Priceless Pet Sitting must have clipped flight feathers.
Priceless Pet Sitting requires that dogs with access to the outdoors, have a secure perimeter fence line, free of holes, gaps, deteriorated fence materials etc.  Gate locks are highly suggested.  Priceless Pet Sitting is NOT responsible for pets who escape an insecure fence.
Priceless Pet Sitting conducts all home visits on consecutive days, beginning on the day of or the day after client's departure, and ending on the day of or the day before client's return.
Priceless Pet Sitting cannot "ignore" pets, (e.g. outdoor cats) for the purpose of calculating a lower cost to the client.
Priceless Pet Sitting walks or takes animals off client's secured premises only on leashes or appropriate carriers.
Client's home must be situated in an area that Priceless Pet Sitting considers to be a safe environment at any hour of the day.
Priceless Pet Sitting does not care for pregnant or sick animals.  We recommend boarding at a medical facility.  (Animals with treatable medical conditions which only require routine health checks and/or oral medication are usually acceptable).


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